How to Use Emojis On Your Desktop

If you use a platform like Hootsuite to manage your social media, you've probably encountered difficulty posting the exact same content across your social media platforms. One of those difficulties may have been inserting emojis. The solution is simple and will save you the time it takes to log-in to each social platform to update posts.



  1. Start a new message composition in your social media management tool.
  2. Follow the below steps to open the emoji keyboard.

    Using a Mac
     --> Press the following keys at the same time:
    Control ^
    Command ⌘

     --> Select Edit > Emoji & Symbols

    Using a PC
    --> Press the following keys at the same time:
    Windows Key & Period / Full Stop Key ( . )
    Windows Key & Semicolon Key ( ; )
  3. Search, select and insert your emoji. And voila! You're done. Easy peasy.